Part 1: IT Service Management 101: A Look at the Evolution of ITSM and What It Means
Originally presented Thursday July 27th 2017
Our introductory webinar took a step back to define IT Service Management.  Our presenters educate viewers on what IT service management means today and review the life cycle of this technology. 
Like any other technologies things change at light speed and within the ITSM space things are no different.

In this webinar recording, you will learn:

  • What is IT Service Management? A look at the definition of ITSM today
  •  The evolution of ITSM through the years, a look at the past and review of technologies that many
    are leveraging today.
  • Technological advances within the ITSM space, a review of how far this technology has come and how it is no longer a want but a need for many.