Part 2: ITSM: Moving Beyond Ticketing & Embracing Change for the Better
Originally presented August 17th 2017

This webinar was the second in our 3 part series.  It uncovered why IT departments need to embrace change in order to gain efficiencies that come with implementing a modern solution.  Our presenters will show you how a modern ITSM solution can scale to meet your needs not only for today but also tomorrow.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to better manage growth through consolidation of d disparate, legacy systems
  • How to boost the service delivery team’s productivity with intuitive task management
    and collaboration tools
  • How to change the service delivery equation through a “zero touch” self-service system
  • Real life examples of how companies are leveraging ITSM to increase efficiencies, productivity
    and user experience.