Join us for a Customer Talks webinar

We live in a world where demands get instant gratification. While end-users want their problems solved instantly, IT departments are trying to do more with less.  Service Desk can easily become a strain on your IT resources and is often challenged by a host of difficulties.

Technology is the driver behind the success of any business. Your IT department is at the heart of that success but often contains many talented people whose talents are under-utilized when asked to provide repetitive, mundane first-level support.   To address this, organizations are adopting third party Service Desk assistance to streamline their Service Desk. The benefits are twofold as they can focus on higher level tasks while also improving end-user experience.

Join us for a Customer Talks webinar with SVP Technology, Ryan Vallee, as he conducts a candid interview with Joe Kibelbek, head of IT at Structural Group, a leading services company supporting a global organization with over 2,000 end-users.

In a very forthright interview, Joe reveals:

  • How his Service Desk was structured a year ago.
  • The pains and challenges of having his technology department of 20 meet the needs of his 2k end-users across the country—with some located in other countries.
  • The lack of team productivity and overall stagnancy of technology growth for the organization when faced with day-to-day internal Service Desk strains.
  • Key considerations he made which provoked him to incorporate MSPWorx’ Service Desk expertise into their level 1 support processes.
  • The pivotal impact that MSPWorx’ Service Desk had on his company, and the positive, conducive work environment it enabled for his staff.

MSPWorx has the technical knowledge to ensure your end-users receive an exceptional support experience through our Service Desk offering.